You Can Do In India But Not In Abroad

Huge number of things we can do in India with out any worries.Have a look , the thing we can do in India but not in abroad.

1.Crossing Traffic Signal:


In India Red or green? Both means go!, is it correct???? In India, there’s not really any idea about Traffic Rules. Almost every one are thinking like they are next to next ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ and they don’t like wasting time. In India  no need to follow traffic rules. If the same thing happens in abroad they will put you in Jail.

The sad fact is that India ranks very high in traffic accidents. Kindly follow traffic rules and make our nation proud.

2.Head wobble:

The head wobble is the non-verbal way of communication .The most common use of the head wobble is to respond in the affirmative.People generally shakes their head here and there implies “Yes” and side ways to “No”. Indians wobble their heads in the most abnormal way, other individuals are thing whether the reaction was “Yes” or “No”.

Head wobble is much confusion and wonderment among foreigners.

3.The delight of eating with hands:

We India’s know the delight of eating with hands, sounds great!!. According to the Vedas, hands are the most precious organs of our body.Our hands were made to do multi tasking. We can pick up things, feel, feel, touch and pick up small stuff or large stuff!!! Eating with hands makes you to eat slower which makes our digestive system healthy.

4.Idea of ‘missed call’:

What an Idea Sirji!!! Indians are utilizing Missed Call feature from message to talks with securely.Some people will use this feature only!!!!Very Secure Option!!Indians are experts in decode the secret code by using Missed Call!!

5.Hanging Out With Friends:

Indians never feel space requirements!!! We can fit 25 people in share auto!! We will reach more in future!!

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